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What to expect during your Eye Exam


ExamsAnnual eye exams are a necessary part of your routine preventative health care. If you're new to this or if you are a new Stellar Vision patient, here is what you can expect.

Initial tests check muscle function pupillary reaction, color vision, depth perception and peripheral vision.

At the conclusion of your exam, your doctor will make a final diagnosis and determine a treatment plan.

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Medical History

Exam Room badge Dead Delwiche Your doctor will begin the exam by asking you a few brief questions about your general health history, medications you take and your family's health history (such as a history of diabetes, glaucoma or hypertension).

Visual Systems


visual systemsA number of tests on the internal and external parts of your eyes will be performed. The tests are done to examine the retina, cornea, lens, iris, optic nerve, muscles, blood vessels, pupils, conjunctiva (the membrane that covers the front of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelid), outer eyelids and eyelashes.

Fundus Evaluation


Fundus EvaluationA Fundus Evaluation is done, which examines the interior of the eye, specifically the retina. The exam can detect problems, such as cataracts, glaucoma, a detached retina or corneal diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and neurological disorders. Your doctor will also look at your eye muscles, checking to see that they rotate and coordinate properly. Your eyes may be dilated at this time to enlarge your pupils, which make them easier to examine.



RefractiveMany tests are performed during the Refractive part of the exam, which will determine your ability to see clearly, focus your eyes and will determine whether you need corrective lenses.

Pre & Post-Op Care

In the event that you require surgical care for your eyes, whether it be for cataracts, injury, lasik or refractive surgery, the doctors at Stellar Vision can provide before and after care in conjunction with your eye surgeon's plan of treatment.

For Emergencies